Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby Gerber Shower Favor

This is what Kristen thought of for the same baby shower where we did the John Deere diaper cake.  She was able to get several empty baby food jars from a day care and we made the labels on a program called Print Shop for the computer.  We filled it with white chocolate candies made from some baby item candy molds.  The lids were discarded and the tops were then covered with fabric and ribbon.  We cut a circle the size to fit over the top as shown.  After placing the fabric on top of the jar, it helped to place a clean rubber band over the fabric around the top of the jar before tying on the ribbon.  Below the photo are the two labels that were used.  I printed them onto the mailing address labels for your computer that you can get at places like Wal-mart or Office Max.  The bottom label went around the back of the jar.

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