Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Candle Gift

Are you wondering what to give that special couple in your life for their wedding?  These are fun and easy to make.   And you can pick up the supplies at any hobby shop.  Start with a candle in the color and size of choice.  For the paper you can use scrap booking paper in the 8 x 11 sheet size in velum or any pretty paper you desire.  Make sure it can be printed on with your computer's printer.  You will then need 1/8" wide ribbon, 1/4" wide ribbon in same or contrasting color, beads or pearls with the hole in them for pinning.  Use the 1/2" size pins (can be found in a sewing isle with the sewing pins).  You can add accent charms like the ones shown at the top of the candle, if desired. You can use the creams or whites for colors or the couple's wedding colors.  It's fun to add beads and the ribbons in the bride and groom's colors for their wedding. 

First, using a print shop or design program on your computer (you can use Microsoft Word for this too),  type in the above words or use your own along with the couple's names and date.  You can also scan into your computer the couple's invitation and using a print shop program, you can import that image and size it to fit the candle.  It helps me to practice first on plain paper.  Center the writing while editing your image.  After you have printed the image onto the scrap booking paper, using a paper cutter, cut the edges evenly.  I tore the edges on this paper by placing the paper into the cutter and holding down at the paper holder, I gently tore the excess paper away making this type of edging.  It all depends on the type of paper used if it will work.  You can practice on a separate sheet, if you desire this effect. 

Next, take that image and center it onto your candle.  Using the 1/2" or smaller straight pins, pin a pearl or bead at each corner of the paper.  Hold the pin straight and slowly push in with your thumb or a flat item against the head of the pin.  I like this method better than gluing because I make a mess with the glue.  ; )
You can pin just about anything you'd like onto the candle after that.  Ribbon, bows and charms were all attached with the pins.  You can also make the couple's or your own unity candles with this method.  We've made memory candles for the couple's loved ones to display during their ceremony who passed on with an image printed on with a favorite poem or "in loving memory of" and the name onto the decorative paper.  Have fun designing your own candle!

Here is another idea for a couple's anniversary candle.  All items were purchased at Hobby Lobby Crafts Store. Wouldn't this idea make for a pretty centerpiece on the tables at a wedding reception?  You could use the couple's invitation or photo for the larger candle. 

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