Monday, October 15, 2012

USMC Officer Ensemble

"USMC Officer Ensemble"

I cross stitched this design for my husband, Larry, for his retirement from the Marine Corps in 1991.  For more information on this pattern, please comment below.


  1. The link says this pattern is no longer available. Do you know where I could find this pattern. Thanks

  2. Hi Citifyd! I apologize the book containing this pattern from Judith Brown Cross Stitch is no longer available. Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. I did find where someone has the book for sale at this website,

    If for some reason you are unable to obtain the book, I can send you a copy of the pattern to the image in the photo above. The pattern I have is not the best quality, but if you've done cross stitch in the past, you should be able to use it with little to no problem. You can contact me at