Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ways to Use Medicine Bottles

Child's Play Food Cans 

If you're like us and really hate to throw these empty medicine bottles away, then let's have fun creating a toy idea for your kids or grandkids.  My grandchildren, Bradyn and Cadance along with myself,  love to play grocery store when they come to visit.  I searched on the Net for different canned food labels and found several as shown in the photos below.  Then I used my Print Shop program on the computer to size them and then print them off.  I cut the labels to fit each of the two sized bottles I had. 

I wrapped the label around the bottle to fit and used the packing tape to hold in place by wrapping the tape all the way around the label.  I noticed I had some extra space at the bottom of the bottle and so I used some wide Scotch tape I had to finish. 

I then painted the tops with some grey acrylic paint and Wa La!  We now have canned goods to go with our other shopping items.  For added fun, I printed off photos of the foods to match the contents in the "cans" and cut them to fit inside the bottles.  You can search for those on the Net too.  I then used the clear sticky tabs you can find at any craft or scrapbook store to attach the photo to the bottom of the bottle.