Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY Mod Podged Dispenser

Mod Podged Toilet Dispenser

This project is made using the flushable wipes dispenser you find in your grocer or Walmart.  This was fun to make and went pretty quick.  I got the idea from my daughter, Kristen.  She made me one as a gift awhile back.  This one goes great with our beach bathroom theme.  You can design your own with any of your favorite scrapbook papers and embellishments.  

I used The Paper Studio's Beach House scrapbook papers for my design on this box.  

First, you will need a piece of paper to trace your top pattern to.  Before you begin, place the flushable wipes in a zip-lock baggie so they won't dry out. 

Cut a section of paper to fit over the top of the dispenser.  Tape the paper to the top on both sides. 

Using the side of the pencil lead, shade over the top around the lid.  This will be your pattern piece.  Shade that entire area of the lid.  

Remove the paper from the lid and cut out your pattern on the lines you created with the pencil rub or shading.  Place the pattern over the top to make sure your scrapbook piece will fit.

Next, place the pattern piece over your scrapbook paper.  Tape it to the scrapbook paper and cut around the pattern piece.  Set this piece aside.

I placed the scrapbook paper along the bottom edge of the dispenser and measured where to cut the strip of paper to fit on the front edge by pressing with my finger along the bottom to get the cut line as shown above.  Cut out your strip. 

Next, place the strip along the front of the dispenser and cut out a notch for the closing tab as shown above.  

"Paint" on a layer of Mod Podge in the front of the dispenser with a brush or sponge and then lay your strip along that edge of the front as you see above.  Try not to get too much of the Mod Podge onto the surface of the dispenser.  You can see it has a smooth and shiny finish and too much Mod Podge will make it bubble. 

If you need to, you can cut a tiny snip that may want to stick over the edge of the dispenser as shown.  

Cut out any design(s) from your scrapbook paper that you desire to go on the sides and the lid at the top of the dispenser.  

Using your Mod Podge like glue, glue each cut out in any way you desire onto your dispenser. Next, using your paint brush or sponge, cover the entire area of scrapbook paper.  I'm fairly new to using Mod Podge, so if you know a better way of getting your paper onto an object with the Mod Podge, please share it with us.  Thank you!!  

Add any tiny embellishments you would like to your dispenser.  Place it on the back of the toilet in your bathroom.