Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jungle Babies Diaper Cake

Jungle Baby Diaper Cake

For this Diaper Cake you will need:

1/2 yard baby decor flannel (Tier 1)
1/2 yard baby decor matching flannel (Tier 2)
1/2 yard baby decor matching flannel (Tier 3)
Contrast thread to match the fabrics
Trim to match the fabrics
Diaper Pins with the plastic head in a color to match the fabrics
1 package in size 2 of 35 diapers (Huggies works well and makes Mom happy)
(Buttons, stuffed animals, pacifiers, flowers, whatever you want to decorate the cake with)
Package of clean rubber bands that can be found in any craft department.
Cardboard cake plate (can be found in Wal-mart's cake decorating isle.  Used to set your cake on)
Gift wrap or any printed paper to cover the cardboard cake plate

You will start by covering the cardboard cake plate with the printed, decorative paper.  First, place the cardboard plate to the unprinted side of the paper and trace around it.  Cut around your trace line.  I used Mod Podge on the back of the paper and then press it to the plate.  Set aside to dry.

Next, you will make three flannel burp cloths for the cake.  These will serve as "fondant" for around the cake tiers.  Be sure to pre-wash the flannel fabric for shrinkage. 

To make your "fondant" covering for each tier, press the fabric and open flat.  Measure each length for each tier as instructed below.  Use a scalloped edge on your sewing machine with the matching color contrast thread.  Sew each panel or tier using the scalloped edge at 1/2 of an inch in from the edge of the fabric sewing around each side.  Clip the fabric away from the scalloped edges.  Fold the burp cloth in half lengthwise.  Set aside.  Roll each diaper and secure with a rubber band. Take the rolled diapers and set upright in a round position.  Wrap the burp cloth around the rolled diapers and secure with one of the diaper pins.  Do this for each tier.  To make the washcloths, square up the remaining fabric.   Do the same as you did for the burp cloths with the scalloped edges. These will make the size of animals you see in the photo. 
Bottom Tier.    Cut one panel 31 inches in length by 10 inches in width. Save remaining fabric for washcloth animals.  Holds 20 rolled diapers secured with a rubber band on each diaper. 

Middle Tier.  
Cut one panel 25 inches in length by 10 inches in width.  Save remaining fabric for washcloth animals.  Holds 9 rolled diapers secured with a rubber band on each diaper. 

Top Tier.
   Cut 21 inches in length by 10 inches in width .  Save remaining fabric for washcloth animals.  Holds 6 rolled diapers secured with a rubber band on each diaper.  You can experiment with how many diapers you'll need for each tier depending on how tightly you roll the diapers.

Once you finish each tier, fold each tier in half lengthwise to where they measure 5 inches in width. Wrap each tier around the stacks of diapers with the scalloped edges at the bottom of the tier.  Now stack them as shown in the photo. Here is a great tutorial on how to stack your diaper cake over at All Free Holiday Crafts.  

The following links show how to make the baby animal washcloths to set on your completed cake. You will need to finish the edges of the washcloths the same way you did for the burp cloths.  The extra fabric will be enough to create at least one elephant washcloth animal.  You can make more washcloths depending how much fabric you have left over.
For 5 baby animal washcloths ~

For Elephant washcloth ~

Now you can finish decorating your diaper cake anyway you like with your washcloth animals, small stuffed animals, pacifiers or any baby item that will go with the theme of your cake. Be sure to add along with the diaper cake a little note explaining the pins or item(s) you used to secure the burp cloths and wash cloths and their safe removal.  Have fun!

A big thank you to Nails and Towels and Sillychely over at YouTube for their great video tutorials!  You can find the Jungle Babies fabrics at JoAnn's Fabrics.

Here is another diaper cake I did for my niece's baby shower.  The "cake" is decorated in a baby dinosaur theme.  

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