Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Game

Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Game 



 Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Game
By Bradyn Roebuck

My grandson, Bradyn, came up with this game for his Lego Ninjago action figures.  I helped him with the design but the concept, game rules and idea was his.  We've played it several times and it is fun.  Bradyn and I hope you will enjoy it.  For the markers, Bradyn used his Lego action figures along with their weapons as seen in the above photos.  If you want, you can use the cut outs which I will provide in the link below.

To obtain your pages.  Click on the following link:  

If you need to, ask an adult for help putting the game together. You will need white card stock for printing the game board, tokens and spinner.  Make sure you have your printer set to print on portrait not landscape.

Once you arrive at this link, click on the first page.  It will open to show the page as a pdf file.  Please wait while it opens.  At the top left side of your screen, click on file.  Click on print.  You will need to print at 100% to get the correct size.  You will need to print all 8 pages.

1.  Print off all the pages onto white card stock paper.  If you want, you can laminate each page for better playing.  Do not laminate the blue and green pages of the spinner.

2.  Cut out each of the round tokens of each of the Lego Ninjago warriors.   Now cut out the weapons from the weapon page.  I wasn't sure which weapons were whose so I added all I could find on the Internet.

3.  To make your spinner, cut out the small green circle with the arrow in one of the triangle spaces.  Do Not cut out the large blue circle with the numbers.   Glue the green piece to a used CD or DVD disc you no longer want or were planning to throw away.  Next, using a paper clip, open the clip up.  Place the green disc over the blue circle page with the numbers.  Push the paper clip through the center.  Open the second paper clip and do the same by pushing it through the center.  Press each end down to both sides of the disc and blue circle paper as shown below.  If you need to, poke a starter hole in the center with a sharp point.

Bradyn uses his Lego Ninjago figures for the game but if you prefer, you can use the cut outs provided from the above link.  Follow the instructions on the pages for putting your figures together.  It doesn't matter which Lego Ninjago figures you use or how many for your game as long as you have the same amount for good and evil figures.  Okay, I think you're ready to go.  Once you have your tokens, weapons and figures cut out, put together and your spinner made, you're ready to play.  Have fun!

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