Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cadance's Christening Gown

I made this Christening gown using McCall's Pattern 3063 for my granddaughter, Cadance.  I enjoyed sewing this so much for her.  I made the blanket using the shawl from her mommy's wedding gown as shown in the photo below.  I had purchased extra fabric for the blanket out of the same fabric I chose for the Christening gown.   I folded the shawl into a rectangle. I then cut a rectangle for the blanket to match the size of the folded shawl adding 1/2 an inch around the edge of the fabric rectangle for the hem.  I folded the edges of the fabric twice creating a 1/4 inch hem.  Press in place.  You can machine or hand stitch the hem in place.  I placed the shawl and blanket with their wrong sides together.  Doing a slip stitch around the entire blanket with a very fine fishing line type thread makes the blanket look nice.  You can then cut the fine line later to remove the shawl from the fabric if desired. 

Christening Gown from McCalls Pattern 3063.  Blanket is the shawl from her mommy's wedding gown.

Gown with matching bonnet and bib.  

McCalls Pattern 3063

Maggie Sottero gown with shawl.  Photo Greg Johnson Photography. 

Baby's Christening Gown with Blanket made
from her Mommy's Wedding Gown Shawl.
Gown ~ Maggie Sottero
Wedding Photographer ~ Greg Johnson