Saturday, May 5, 2012

Grandma Nellie Moore Avery Banfield

Grandma Nellie Moore Avery Banfield

Above is the article in the Sunday Commerce Paper Newspaper of March 7, 1976.

When my grandmother was 16, she modeled for Coca Cola.  She told us the hat she wore in her image on the tray cost her $6.00.  Her dress was $20.00.  Both were expensive back in 1921.  Above is a newspaper article from 1976.

My daughter, Kristen gave me this tray for my birthday.  She put the Coca Cola coaster of grandma at the bottom corner and made the beautiful flowers at the top opposite corner.  I added the Graphic 45 Place in Time paper embellishments along with images of grandma. 

Nellie Moore Avery Banfield


  1. How are you. I can across this blog while doing research on Nellie Banfield. I see that she was your grandmother. She is my great great aunt. My name is Bryan Banfield, the grand son of Fred and Virginia Banfield. I can actually remember going to Aunt Nellie's house when I was very young. I do not remember much except that she had a awesome English boxer

  2. Bryan!! Hello! It's so great to meet you. I am fine, thanks! You are doing research on Grandma? That is awesome. I would love to know more. Yes, the boxer, Felix! I remember him too. He loved when Grandma made him bacon and eggs in the morning. :) Are you on Facebook? I'm sure everyone would love to meet you!

  3. Hello Diana, I am also related to you! I stumbled across this blog when explaining to someone that my Great Aunt Nellie modeled for Coca Cola. She is my Grandfather Moore's sister. How funny to come across this. My name is Erika Neitzel... My grandfather is Gay Emory Moore and my mother is Sally Moore Neitzel. Thank you for sharing this info- it's awesome to see!!

  4. Hi Erika! I am so glad to meet you! You're welcome! I never knew much about grandma Nellie's family. I remember her sister, Aunt Jenny while my family and I still lived in Ohio. My dad is Harold "Bud" Avery, grandma Nellie's son. Her daughter, Janet DeBolt is my aunt. Are you also on Facebook? I haven't heard back from Bryan yet. You can find me here at this link. I know everyone would love to meet you if you'd like.

    1. It is a pleasure to meet you also!! My mother spent summers with Aunt Nellie when she was young, going to church everyday:) She remembers your father and Aunt being in their teens when she had stayed with them. Mother is also familiar with this boxer you and Bryan speak of. It's interesting to piece an unfamiliar part of the family together, thru an unusual forum for that sort of thing. I also remember Aunt Jenny... the last time I saw her was in the 80's... I think she was in her 90's at that time. My grandfather passed back in '71, and I know that in his married years, he spent most of his time breaking down metal at Chase Brass and Copper and/or working on the farm he lived on with my Grandmother and her family in Twinsburg. I know that during the depression, my grandfather owned a gas station, which eventually, as most things did during that time, sank.
      I will hit you up on facebook!!
      So nice to meet you!